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For the time being, you can access your bobcat gmail account by clicking here.  From now on, a large majority of Mr. Ratica's correspondence will be directed to you via your norwaynelocal.k12.oh.us e-mail address.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHECKING YOUR OWN E-MAIL AND KEEPING UP WITH ANNOUNCEMENTS AND SCHEDULE CHANGES THROUGH YOUR BOBCAT GMAIL ACCOUNT!!!!



The primary purpose of this website is to view pictures, media, and archives related to the Norwayne High School Music Program.  For "real time" updates pertaining to schedule and events, please see the calendar below on the homepage and also join our "official" Facebook group called "Norwayne Band- news and info."  You can instantly go to that group by clicking here

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     Below, see our Norwayne Music Department Google Calendar!  View, print, and even export Norwayne Music Events to your own calendars! ALL CHANGES AND ADDITIONS TO THE SCHEDULE WILL BE POSTED ON THIS CALENDAR!  IT IS CONSIDERED THE "FINAL SAY!"


Norwayne High School is located in the Norwayne Local School District.  Serving the communities of Creston, Sterling and Burbank, Ohio, the Norwayne Local School District is located in Wayne County, 20 minutes north of Wooster.  You can locate us easily on a map by searching for the I-71/I-76 interchange in Northeast Ohio.  That area is the northwest corner of our school district.

We recently completed a building renovation project in conjunction with the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission that resulted in the construction of a new Norwayne Elementary School serving grades k-5 and a renovation/addition to the Norwayne High School Complex being completely renovated and added on to create a 6-12 facility.  Our rehearsal spaces are "state-of the art" as a result of this newly completed renovation.  Our facilities consist of a large rehearsal room, a music classroom, adequate storage space, a music library, and 5 practice rooms.  Of particular note is a beautifully-renovated 364-seat auditorium, renamed the "Dwight Schar Performing Arts Center" in honor of Norwayne alumnus Dwight Schar who donated the money necessary to renovate that facility.

Norwayne High School has a home student population of approximately 360 students.  There are approximately 60-90 students per year based in the Norwayne Local School District that either are engaged in an off-site post-secondary format or attend classes at the Wayne County Schools Career Center. 

The mission of the Norwayne High School Bands is to establish a reputation not based on size, but on technique and ability.


We are interested in hearing from you.  Questions and comments are encouraged, and can be sent to us via fax, regular mail, and email.

For general Norwayne Music questions or website questions contact Mr. Eric Ratica at ericratica@gmail.com or at norwaynemusic@gmail.com

Phone Numbers:                                       
Norwayne Music Department:  330-435-6384 ext. 11304         
Norwayne High School:  330-435-6384                   

Postal Address:                                                       Norwayne High School                                                     350 South Main Street                                               Creston, Ohio 44217

Music education really builds the foundation to math and science skills.  It's been proven.  It's been on the cover of magazines (Newsweek, among others).  It's been on the evening news.  If there's ANY program that should be saved, it's the music program in your local public school.  It's as important as reading, writing and arithmetic.
     --- John Sykes, VH1 President

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